Sunday, June 2, 2019

E.E. Cummings :: essays papers

E.E. e. e. cummings is characteristically Ameri crapper. He is a famous, well known American author. I found that his writing style is of a stereotypical American. What is it to be stereotypically American? Well I found that one of the main things is that you can say or write whatever you want and non feel threaten about if what your saying is the right thing or not. Also a lot of Americans will use sarcasm. Also you dont have to move up right out and say whatever you mean. Some will talk about something completely different then what they are really trying to say. Cummings used a good get of sarcasm in his writing. He sort of made fun of things in his poems without coming out and saying it. He also doesnt just come right out and say what he means. I havent been able to figure out many a(prenominal) of his poems at all. The things he says just makes no sense at all. Even after analyzing his work I havent been able to understand what he means. I think that is one thing t hat most Americans do in one way or another. Cummings also wrote a large amount of poems that probably would have offended people in one way or another. But freedom of speech is one thing that all Americans have. We can say whatever we want and not have to answer to anyone about it. If we were in another country that freedom of speech isnt allowed he perchance could have been thrown in jail for some of his writings. He was known for his lack of correct punctuation and capitalization in his writings. Very often he would write his name as e.e. cummings, not even capitalizing his own name. He basically had his own style of writing things even though they were not written correctly. He never followed any of the rules which might have been one of the reasons he was so remembered. He was born in Cambridge Massachusetts. He grew up there and worked at a mail-order publishing company for a short time. He decided to volunteer for the Norton-Harjes Ambulance group in Fra nce. He was imprisoned for three months in a French Detention camp. While being there

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