Monday, June 17, 2019

Role of communication within an organisation Essay

Role of communication within an organisation - Essay ExampleDerived from the Greek terminology organon, an disposal can be defined as a social body which arranges one or two or more persons to pursue collective goals. Organization can be created with one or more than one person and the communication within the organization helps everyone to achieve its goal in a systematic manner. It should be remembered that proper(ip) communication implies the same meaning of a matter to everyone which is being evaluated collectively. It has been examined that almost nine-tenth of a managers work time is dedicated towards communicating in the organization (Kushal and Ahuja, 2009, p. 19).Different types of communication models are used in various organizational contexts. Broadly communication in an organizational context can be classified into two parts, namely, one way communication and two way communication. In one way communication the communication flows downward or upward. In most of the orga nization the one way communication is used for sending notice, policies etc., whereas, two way communication is basically used in most of the organization for sharing ideas, thought etc. As we know organization is nothing but aggregate of many entities, those can be structured in distinguishable forms, keeping in accordance with requirement of an organization so that the organizational purposes can be served through that particular method of communication in the best way possible.In complex matrix organization delayering is recommended. Most of the multinationals have adopted the delayeing method to cut the cost of reporting layers as well as to build effective communication among the organization within small groups which bridge the whole organization. Delayring also speeds up the communication as the decision is being taken by the lower level managers respect to their strata, which improves the communication in both upward and downward hierarchy it also increase the

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