Friday, October 18, 2019

Care of Vulnerable people Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Care of Vulnerable people - Essay Example One of the reasons that might result in schizophrenia are genes associated with the family where the man comes from, which caused alteration of the brain structure. Secondly, the man can be born with a risk of developing mental illness when he attempts to use harmful drugs such as illicit drugs. Often, depressions such as family tensions may cause mental illness to be developed by the persons (Calder, 2010). This condition of schizophrenia is of priority to the country so much since it needs to intervene by ensuring there is education regarding those who have this kind of mental illness. The patient may recover as he can learn topics that enable him to adapt to changes needed to manage the disease and acquires life skills. It is a concern of the government since it hires the personnel (Lambert, Naber & Killackey, 2012). Nurses also play the important roles in efforts of fighting against schizophrenia. One of the roles is that they give patients medicines that decrease symptoms by equalizing the chemical in the brain. The nurses also offer support to the affected (Frank & Cobb, 2005). Vulnerability is defined both as psychological and physiological. Psychological vulnerability is a trend of developing panic disorder over harmful occasions or even additional alerts that arise from experiences, which have predictions and control. Biological vulnerability is a tendency of a body of a person to be neurobiological much reactive to stress. This client diagnosed with schizophrenia is at a high risk since they exhibit a greater frequency neurological signs, which are not accurate at an early development of the children of the affected parents. Risk is the chances of having effects such as illness to occur as a result of physical or biological factors over a specified period. On the other hand, resilience is the ability of someone to adapt to depressions and stress in a proper way. Risk increases high chances of

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