Saturday, October 5, 2019

Strategic analysis of a company located in UAE Essay

Strategic analysis of a company located in UAE - Essay Example Furthermore, the aviation industry of the Middle East will also be evaluated. Based on the findings, the study will underline the key strategic issues faced by Etihad Airways. A conclusion will be drawn regarding the most important strategic issue faced by the company. Once the issue is identified the report will offer some suggestions by which the issues can be either controlled or fully curbed. Finally the implementation process of the strategy will be portrayed. Etihad Airways, the national airlines of the United Arab Emirates was established in the year 2003, by Royal decree. The operation of the company started in the month of November, 2003 (Abed, Vine, Hellyer and Vine, 2006, p.207). Nevertheless, the journey began with a ceremonial flight from the Abu Dhabi airport to Al Ain. It is presently headquartered at the Khalifa City A, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (Etihadairways, n.d.). The company operates with around 1300 flights in a week. Etihad Airways has its operation in 55 countries of the world. The company has a total fleet size of 67 airbuses and some Boeing aircrafts. According to the recent reports, the company has carried 8.3 million passengers in the year 2011. The data also reveals that the company has been able to achieve a staggering 17 % growth regarding the total number of passenger carries. The net revenue of the company was US$ 4.1 billion and the profit was US$ 14 million. It is also considered as one of the fastest g rowing airlines company in the history of aviation industry. The primary business of the company is to provide transportation services to the customers. However it also offers packaged holiday tours and tender international delivery services for its customers. In the passenger transportation service, the company has three products namely Pearl business class, diamond first class and coral economy class. The

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