Thursday, October 10, 2019

Money or Happiness Essay

The general belief is that the rich tend to pamper their children by buying them all sorts of â€Å"toys†, while the poorer children do not do this because they cannot afford to. It is usually presented in stories- especially in movies – that rich children are bad while those from poorer families struggle all their lives. Consequently it may be believed that children from rich families are happier than those from poorer ones. This may be the case in some instances, but is definitely not always true. Children can be happy whether they are from rich or poor families. We hear of cases where poor families make all sorts of sacrifices so that their children – or one of them – can have a certain comfort. Fathers are known to work at extra jobs so that their children can have expensive toys for Christmas or for their birthdays. On the other hand, the children of the rich are not always given everything they want. Rich fathers are known to make their children work for a living and earn their pocket money. Other fathers have refused to give their children expensive toys so that they will learn the value of hard work. Hence it is not the riches of the parents that can make the children happy but what the parents do to the child. Happiness can never be equated with having money or having rich parents for that matter. It is possible that poor parents have a close relationship with their child. In this way the child has something far better; it has love. Having enough love, the child will be happy – at least much happier than if it did not receive love. On the other hand it is possible that the child of rich parents have everything she wants but does not get the love and concern that she needs. The parents of rich children are sometimes too busy spending their money and earning more. Often we hear stories of â€Å"poor little rich children†. Though many of the stories we hear are fiction, some of them are real indeed. Sometimes the parents of rich children believe that their child will be happy if he is provided with everything he needs. They try to substitute money for love and care. In such instances, the rich child can be very happy indeed. In addition, children brought up in this way tend to be very poor in relationships. They do not know how to value things like friendships. Such a child is poor indeed, in spite of being financially rich. Using money and surrounding himself with all sorts of toys the child is apt to grow up with the wrong sense of what is true happiness. Then one day when he realizes that money does not always buy happiness, he will not know which way to turn. Hence children from rich families may not always be happier than those from poorer families. In fact both are capable of being happy, with or without money.

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