Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Human relations Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4750 words

Human relations - Essay Example When one enjoys healthy relationships with others, it affects one’s disposition, attitude and performance. Personal relationships have much power over an individual that when there are strained relationships outside of work, it usually affects how one performs at work. When a worker is emotionally weak and tend to dwell on the effects of a strained personal relationship outside work, he may not be able to concentrate well on his tasks, leading to lowered quality of performance and less productivity. On the other hand, if he enjoys fulfilling relationships both outside and at work, then, he becomes more stable in his performance, allowing him to focus well on his tasks and becomes driven to succeed. The same goes for conflicts with co-workers affecting one’s personal health and even the way he may release the job stress towards his family and friends. Being able to manage oneself and control impulses and emotional meltdown during challenging situations is a mark of a str ong person. If this is not mastered, then one will not be able to cope with the demands of the workplace where multiple conflicts and challenges abound. Chapter 2: Self-esteem and Self-Confidence Dubrin describes self-esteem as a sense of feeling worthwhile and the pride that comes from a sense of self-worth. When one has a healthy self-esteem, he feels good about himself and maintains a positive outlook on life. He develops favourable work attitudes and performs his task at a high level. This is because he believes that he is capable of being a competent worker that is why he is able to challenge himself more and more to validate his beliefs that he possesses the necessary skills for the job. However, if one suffers poor self-esteem, it gravely affects his disposition and work performance. There is a prevalent feeling of low self-worth that feeds on negativity. The individual cannot grasp the concept that he is an able human being and that he has unlimited potentials if only he bel ieves in himself and that he has innate gifts that can be developed. Enhancing self-esteem involves looking into one’s strengths and being proud of them. It is a good exercise to always find something positive about oneself when evaluating performance no matter how small it may be. For instance, when reflecting on a written work that may be filled with spelling mistakes, one can also point out that there were no grammatical errors. Somehow, this saves one from dwelling in the negative. Avoiding situations that threaten one’s self-esteem such as not participating in dance contests when one is admittedly awkward in dance movements is a wise move to preserve one’s self-esteem. Lastly, being with positive people who are able to boost the self-esteem of others is another thing that can be done to enhance one’s self-esteem. Having a healthy self-esteem leads to self-confidence, which is an important quality needed in both personal and professional growth. Self- confident people are more likely to be more effective in leadership and sales positions, as they set higher goals for themselves and strive to achieve those goals. Usually, such confidence comes from having several abilities that these individuals develop further and the positive feedback they receive from people even from the time when they were younger. One’s self-confidence is likely to be strengthened if he persists in doing better in the tasks assigned to him and he feels the

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