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EA Enables Process Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

EA Enables Process Paper - Essay Example In this scenario, the basic purpose of implementing EA in an organization is to identify how an organization can most efficiently and successfully attain its current and future goals (TechTarget, 2005; NIH, 2011). This paper presents a detailed overview of enterprise architecture (EA). This paper will discuss how enterprise architecture works, and its support and capabilities for the businesses. Enterprise Architecture (EA) In the past few years, Enterprise Architecture has appeared as a latest emerging IT trend. (Finneran, 1998) divides the definition of enterprise architecture in two parts. In the first part he defines an enterprise while in another he discusses about architecture. According to his point of view, an enterprise refers to a business organization, which includes a standard and identified collection of interrelated business operations, however they can work as an autonomous, separate entity. In addition, an enterprise can encompass more enterprises. For example, a busi ness department in the large organization can be acknowledged as an enterprise if it can operate independently. On the other hand, architecture presents the fundamental architecture, which outlines the platform required by the enterprise to achieve its goals and business vision (Finneran, 1998; Buchanan, 2010). Figure 1Graphical Representation of EA, Image Source: (Finneran, 1998) In addition, an EA provides the organizations with a strategic method for managing and planning IT resources and making the best use of partial IT assets. Additionally, the enterprise architecture points out prospects for reforming of better business procedures and information flows. Hence, the enterprise architecture helps the organizations in optimizing the interrelationships and interdependencies between the programs and services of the department with outside agencies. Moreover, the enterprise architecture encourages dedication to department-wide principles and standards comprising those for systems pr ivacy and security; and pinpoints and determines issues of data utility, availability, access and quality (Finneran, 1998; Buchanan, 2010). The EA program supports the other IT management processes of an organization The enterprise architecture system helps organizations organize a shared, collaborative planning process. In fact, enterprise architecture system works with business and IT stakeholders to describe a future-state idea in scenario of principles, requirements and models. They then contrast the future-state idea of the present state, recognize gaps and plan investments to accomplish them. Though, the enterprise architecture is not IT-focused process, however it is business-driven and wide-ranging tool for better system design. In addition, a successful enterprise architecture application will facilitate the business organizations in their IT investments with long-term policy; minimize risk, offer quality information and engineer compatible solutions and technical services (Finneran, 1998; Buchanan, 2010). Enterprise Architecture supports system development life cycle (SDLC) New technology based enterprise architecture offers a wide-ranging and unified picture of present

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