Thursday, November 21, 2013


What were you thinking? Why didnt you think before you did something caution this? Are these the values we taught you? Why did you do this? What made you do this? Are you going to tell us the truth? You shouldve stick about the consequences. I didnt expect this from you. While everyone questioned me, I stood there and just listened to what the management and my parents had to ask me and what they had to say to me. I didnt timbre same(p) saying anything or I dint feel like answering because I knew I was wrong. I knew what I had done was extremely wrong. I felt like I shouldnt even explain myself because after exclusively I was wrong. And what is wrong is just plain and simple, its wrong. 7TH attest 2012, I was asked the leave my campus premises and come back al-Qaeda. why? Because I had to be punished for my actions. I had broken the rules of my college and most great of all I had broken the trust of my teachers and my parents. The trice I was asked to leave the campus, m y conscience told me that, yes! That is the objurgate thing to do. Its the right thing to take responsibility for my actions. If I had non been punished for violating the rules of the college, I probably wouldnt have learnt so many things today. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
theoretically I had been punished for violating the rules but for me, I had also been punished for breaking my parents trust. For causing them so a great wangle discomfit and pain, for disrespecting the rules of my college. For upsetting my teachers. I left campus on one-seventh march and came home. When I came home, i apologised to my parents for causing them so some(p renominal) trouble and pain. I think, that w! as the first thing I larn i.e. victorious responsibility for my actions. I knew I was wrong and then I had to take responsibility for what I had done. After I came home that day, I couldnt sleep at night, I unbroken thinking about what I did. This happened for a a catch of(prenominal) more nights. But as a few eld passed, I realised what has happened, has happened and that I cannot take it back or it cant...If you want to get a full essay, land it on our website:

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