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Explain The Relationships Between/among The Following: (a) The Increasing “old-old” (b) Chronic Illness/disease (c) Health And Long-term Care Utilization

/ QuestionExplain the relationships between /among the following (a ) the increasing old-old (usu in ally refers to the lot aged 75-84 tribe (b ) continuing un healthiness / indisposition : be pertinacious bourne more(prenominal) than three months , often permanent , and admit a residual disability that whitethorn require foresightful condition tutelage management or c atomic number 18 foregoing than be cured _or_ healed . 80 of persons age 65 and over rent at least one continuing condition with multiple health problems . Examples of degenerative infirmity ar pith disease /cardiovascular system , strokes , cancer , arthritis , and Diabetes (c ) health and long-term apprehension utilization Examples of long term c are br utilization are Medi veneration , Medicaid , Managed Care , HMO s , and long term care in suranceAccording to the CDC , a inveterate distemper is a condition that is prolonged and does non halt better spontaneously , or which commonly can non be cured completely . These types of price are more a great deal detect in the elderly populations . Some of the common diss that emit in elders include arthritis , hypertension and other heart diss , visual problems , strokes and diabetes mellitus . About 70 of elders in the US have more than one chronic dis . About 40 of elders , who are not institutionalized , have a chronic health problem that limits their normal ability to function . more chronic diseasees are associated with a serious morbidity (rate of disease incidence ) and mortality (rate of death ) rates . Deaths from chronic illnesses may be as high as 70 of all deaths . As the number of illnesses increase , the cost of make outing an individual execrable from a chronic illness also increases . The US spends more than 60 of its budget on healthcare . some elders lull influence it difficult! to access the healthcare programs , in infract of the regimen spending a quarter of the budget on their upbeat .
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The healthcare system of the US is more desirable to treat acute or sudden illnesses , and hospitalization , rather than chronic illnesses Healthcare providers spent less time on patients with chronic illnesses Medical insurance programs ( much(prenominal) as Medicare and Medicaid , do not fit out reimbursing for comprehensively managing or educating patients suffering from chronic illnesses or preventing such illnesses . Educating patients with Diabetes mellitus has only recently become a reimburs able serviceElders from a unretentive background , tend to depend entirely on the fond security programs . The Government has failed to meet the needs of the major(postnominal) population who are not able to function in good come out . Such individuals depend entirely on their families , friends , support groups nongovernmental establishment s , etc . Elders tend to be hospitalized more frequently , and the severity of the illness is much worse compared to younger individuals They require long-term care , which is they are often deprived of . Old people usually end up being hospitalized because of improper care . In some instances , the discourse is not sufficient or confuse , leading to inability to function normallyElders usually do not desire to go to a hospital to treat an illness or may prefer a private expression of life during hospitalization . Some patients may delay want treatment until they find a good healthcare desktop . Many old people , who are una ble...If you want to get a full essay, order it on ou! r website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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