Tuesday, November 26, 2013

V for Vendetta

Comp atomic number 18/Contrast 1984 and V for vendetta Lets make a disputation first. -84: more paranoia because of lack of laws -vfv:restrictions make it easier to cut WHEN you would be in trouble -84:thought constabulary came at night -vfv: also came at night -84: disapperances were non verbalise of -vfv: non sure, focused on Evie -84: chastity was promoted, homoeroticism not mentioned -vfv: family bodily structure intact, homosexuality not permitted. Firstly, the difference in the way behavior is regulated in the two societies varies greatly. In 1984, the people of Oceania argon extremely afraid to do anything that is not routine. Even changing their route to work is cause ample to be arrested for thoughtcrime. go some things were obvious, such as not participating in the Two Minutes Hate, other things were not so clearcut, such as facial expressions. Who is committing thoughtcrime? How do you be? We all know that you cant tell. exclusively, in case you were wondering, its the girl in the back. In comparison, in the film V for Vendetta, the city of capital of the United region had stict laws which everyone was aware of, the most prominient of which was the curfew imposed upon the citizens. In this London society, the full general public was well aware of the consequences that their actions would produce.
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In the movie, Gordon, owned a Quran as well as a famous icon that had been banned. He knew that possession of either item would result in death, and kept them hidden in his home. Had he never been arrested, the patrol would have never known that Gordon h ad those possessions. Next, in both socie! ties, the patrol always came at night. Looking at this, I didnt ab initio see a privacy violation here. But, in reanalyzing the situation, I realized that it was an invasion of privacy. At night, in our own homes, we flavor safe, feel comfortable in doing whatever we please. Running or so naked (not that I do, or ever have) is ok because you are in your home, where you have the power to do as you wish. But in...If you want to get a full essay, read it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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