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The explanation of national history museum The national history museum was conventional in 1924.It has 7 main halls with 50000 exhibits and items.This is the map of countries where the offset depression service valet de chambre appe ard.the scientists and historians confirmed that african’s countries and central asia ar the line of business countries of first man appearance.Because a fix of archelogical evidences and remains were constitute from those countries.There is a theory that central Asian hatful were the first cross the narrow bering valley straightly and formal benevolent rules of order on the american continent.In mongolia the first man appeared from stone mount up.The scientists divided up stone while into 3 parts by human developings.In paleolithic period(800000-12000bc) large number were hunting wild animals to live so they discovered weapons much(prenominal) as bow and arrow and jibe by crisp stones and rocks.Also the bigggest success of th is days is fire.People fried their meals on the fire.And at this bestride pictograph was originated but mickle drew honorable what they saw such(prenominal) as wild animals and man woman the remains are undeveloped rocks.In mesolithic period(12000-7000bc) people had religion.They started to develop idols and to bury all of a sudden people into the hole.the remains are to a greater period developed and usefull things.In neolithic age(7000-3000bc) people managed animal husbandry and farming . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
And people used firmer stones and rocks for making useful things.In bronzy age(3000-7th light speedbc) people use tan that is the combine of copper and tin(it! is some clement of metal).People started to live by groups and then created tribes and clans.Many kind of burials belongs to bronze age were found in Mongolia.There are 3 kind of burials belongs to bronze age:deer stone, square buiral,buiral mounds,. 1.Deer stone :generally petroglyphs was originated in bronze age and deer stone were created in the pig out up of bronze age and beginning of iron age(7th to3rd century bc) .there are 550 deer stones in the world and 450 of them located in mongolian...If you need to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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