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A Tablet for a Salesperson-So they can take their orders instead of Essay

A Tablet for a Salesperson-So they can take their orders instead of writing them down and faxing them - Essay ExampleAbstract Bosch Corporation is regarded to be one of the world leaders in the fields of technology and run. The businesses that are concerned with service sector need to be well updated in terms of the customers needs and preferences. In this regard, to manage the customers better, Tablet can be a useful ruse for the salespersons. This study is mainly concerned with the Boschs proposed plan to provide Tablets to its salespersons. There are a reduce of benefits that can be gained by the use of Tablets in the business. In this regard, technological solutions have been provided to the given fusss of toothless business operations. 2. Brief Company Background The Bosch concourse is one of the foremost universal suppliers of technology & services. In the fiscal 2012, its approximately 306,000 associates generated huge sales of US$67.5 billion. In the business region of North America, the Bosch Group has 24,587 associates, and in the business family 2012 it achieved total consolidated sales of US$10.6 billion. Since long time, Bosch has been operating in various business sectors such as automotive technology, industrial technology, consumers goods, energy and building technology and wellness care 1 (Bosch, 2013). Bosch is well known electronics and engineering technology oriented company which is trusted by orbicular consumers for its software asylums along with system solutions. Bosch has been operating in the business of developing high-end technology since the year 1886, and has had a strong presence in the United States (US) till the time of 1906. Since the initiation of Bosch, American customers persist to positively react to the innovation as well as quality of Bosch. Robert Bosch was the founder of Bosch in Stuttgart, Germany in the year 1886. All through the history of the company, Bosch has been steered by these unique ideals. Bosch co ntinues to be a company dedicated to the innovation and forward movement while being firmly grounded in the energizing culture formed by its founder 2 (Bosch, 2013). Its values can be determined as follows Future along with Result decoct Responsibility Initiative along with Determination Openness as well as Trust beauteousness Cultural Diversity Legality, Credibility and Reliability 3 (Bosch, 2013) With these considerations, the study is mainly associated with Bosch Corporation, one of the premium global suppliers of services & technology. During its operations, it has been witnessing various business problems and as a reason of that a strategy can be taken to provide Tablets to the salespersons to take customers orders instead of writing them down & faxing them to the company. Possible audience for this study could be twain the senior management and sales department of Bosch. 3. Discussion of Business Problem(s) The use of varied technologies has become a commonplace affair in global business activities of organizations. Without the incorporation of technology, no business can win and cannot even survive. Bosch is one of the global leaders attaining huge number of sales worldwide. To define the business problem of Bosch, there is a requirement to explain its operations. Bosch operates in four major segments such as mobility, ingleside products, industry solutions & software solutions. Therefore, there is a requirement to handle a huge customer house (Robert Bosch GmbH, n.d.). Bosch has been witnessing certain problems regarding its customer service operations. Bosch

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