Sunday, April 14, 2019

There Is a Light That Never Goes Out Essay Example for Free

There Is a Light That N eer Goes Out Essay vivification is compared to a rollercoaster. It has the moments of altitude, where we feel as invincible as could be, but in that location are also the moments of decline, where the tenseness and the absolute point of breakage are on the rise. The moment at the tail end of the pit, of feeling that there is no concrete escape or solution are the moments that create character, fortitude and over completely, characteristics and strengths that were hidden cloudy behind our fears. The Roman poet Horace, described adversity as a constructor of character which left a positive and constructive after(prenominal)math, Adversity has the effect of eliciting talents which in prosperous circumstances would claim lain dormant. When misfortune and discouragement hit home, Horaces quote would be interpreted as a mock, even an insult, but after recovering and analyzing the situation countless times, Horaces quote is the absolute truth. Life has to go through the bottom of the pit in order to reach the ultimate height. Remember that.In the city of Guadalajara, in the verbalize of Jalisco, lives a young man whose known hardships for as long as he could remember. Hes had a humble upbringing, living in a home with no windows, no roof, no cover or nice floor, his home had cement he doesnt have a living inhabit or a nice dinner table. His father struggles with alcoholism and drug usage, his mother was unstable and came from a family lacking common sense and morality. He grew up seeing his father beat his mother, he perceive his youngest sisters cry night after night, of hunger, sorrow, of disappointment.He went to school, hoping to start a man with an education and a graphic future, different to all that he had known, but he lacked the support and motivation necessary to continue pursuance that future. At age 13, non even halfway done with 7th grade, he dropped out of school. He began to work instead, determined to provide his siblings with what his parents failed to provide. A few months after he began working, rumors spread about him. rigorous and deteriorating. The stigma followed him everywhere. After a while they were confirmed. He smoked marihuana, drank alcohol, inhaled chemical substances, he was crumbling. Everyone believed he would become a product of his environment, of his misfortune. All hope was lost for him. And no one would lend him a hand.Did he in fact succumb to the tragedy his life was becoming? No. He fought with the strength of a lion. His courage was widely admired, for he did not give up to anything or anyone he had to face in his 13 years of existence. He sought help to escape alcohol and drug use. He fortune his priorities straight. He knew he didnt want to end up as his father did, he knew he didnt want to be as his mother was, he knew he and his brothers deserved better. He worked harder and interminable than he had before he worked a second job on the weekends. He embo died the federal agency of a father, not any father, but the one he had always wanted to have.Everyone cheered him on they applauded his actions and offered him their matte support. He was a hero. Everyone who knew him agreed that he was the most mature, generous, responsible and courteous young man they had ever met. The difficulties and moments of despair that he stumbled on down the road had only fortified the determination and values he was extremely proud of possessing and being recognized for. Adversity became his ally. It brought back his faith and magnified his courage. It unexpectedly and not according to what he had previously envisioned, prepared him, transformed him into the man he had always wanted to be. A man of character, values, a man that inflicted respect on others upon meeting him. He was who he wanted and involve to be.Whilst others would complain about their misfortunes and tragedies, this young man did not. He welcomed all that life had to offer him. Highs and lows. The prosperity and poverty. The primer he was able to overcome all that he did was because of the hardships in his life. The memories of his sad upbringing, the cries of his siblings, abandoning his education, working long geezerhood and hours to contribute to his tattered family were what he built fortitude from. He built his courageous character from all that was supposed to break him. The difficult circumstances he had to live through made him the man he today is. Hed always thank the hardships. Strength is given to those that fight with all that they have and dont have. At the end of therainbow theres always a pot of gold. At the end of adversity and hardships is courage and admirable character. Do not give up.

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