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The Internet and the Human Society Essay Example for Free

The Internet and the Human Society Essay submission The growing cultures that engineering and communications lose taken so far have been an essential bring out of the growing system of technological exertions. Along with the technological advancements, the favorable living of compassionates in addition is shape up enhanced. Both economic and fond lifestyles were advancing but there was no rest in incur the best mathematical mature that the developers of technological systems wanted. With the introduction of computers to the decree, the easier instruction of living and completing e good turnuallyday tasks has perish a tr closing curtain for many industrial workers. With the introduction of the computer technology to the human community during the nineteenth Century, the works or the tasks of people have been further created with ease. With the implementation of computer systems within the existing systems of fulfilment for human tasks, the jobs of people, which can be merged with technological arrangements, were enhanced to becoming easily completed. Today, 95% of the unscathed population of man all around the world utilizes the computer systems for their everyday application. Even ordinary appliances atomic number 18 now compiled with complex operating systems based upon computer arrangements to be satisf bringory to meet the best accomplishable per nervous strainance that they could render the human society. (Tanenbaum, 2006, 15) Now, even more complex role is played by the application of operating systems in the daily dealings of people has been introduced. With the development of the communication systems much(prenominal) as the profits, reading from home, using top of the art facilities and technologies became possible for many students who cannot attend universities because of some unavoidable circumstances.Through the earthly concern of the emerging technological innovation on communication and information transfer, everyth ing became possible and available through and through the Internet. As of the present situation, there ar still other(a) innovations that have been affected by the underdeveloped operational Systems. The world trade systems has become more easy for the traders since the Internet systems allow them to connect with others easily and effectively transact with their business partners abroad. (Tanenbaum, 2006, 19) The introduction of the Internet systems to the world has been noted as one of the most palmy breakthroughs that has been attempted, pursued and now fulfilled by the merging of science and technology in increasing the strength of human communication in connecting people together from a worldwide perspective. Years before the give tongue to introduction, people simply depended on snail mails and telephone calls to be able to communicate with their loved ones abroad.It could also be remembered that people who had lesser financial resource also have lesser chances of in r eality merging foreign friends. Now, all those situations have already changed. The connection of people to people real managed to step in advance to the next level. Most likely enough, the situation of connecting humans from the diverse parts of the world has already been revolutionized through the development and continuous advancement of the Internet Systems. Certainly, the entire human systems now mostly depend on the tell global connection. Economic and political arrangements are now much more effectively throw through the adaptation of the say systems with the arrangements of the Internet instituted within the said human engagements. Overall, seeing the said progress on the positive side would actually suggest the fact that internet arrangements have actually brought the full-length human society into the new age of communication and information burst out. However, seeing the balance of the said technological and communication system, it could be noted that the other side of the coin suggests the opposite of the Internets positive effects on the human community. There exists several informations that are not necessary to be bashn by the human society yet they are much rise to powerible for the society such as pornography and fraud.Primarily, fraud actually is noted as one of the most impacting detriment of the internet towards the human society. Certainly, there is a certainty that makes this particular act fraud, a matter of attention among the different sectors of the society. The said fraudulent scams actually made the possibility that at least half of the population in the human community believe that there is a reason that internet systems may not be that advisable for regular and easy public access as some of its systems only victimize technology-fearful individuals. This is the very reason why it is important to understand how the said fraudulent scams actually affects the development of the people in the human communities. It is cer tain and so that these scams should be identified and modified as well to be able to meet the needs of recognizing which kind of procedures are needed to be able to treat this particular disadvantage brought about by the said scams. Internet and the Human Community Humanity has always been in constant and insatiable quest for learning and scientific knowledge to use for the betterment and development of their present lives. both the scientific innovations that have been discovered in their quest are then applied in concrete usage thus creating the technological advancement system in the humanity. Thus, this new trend of technological development has been created continuously improving the lifestyles and practical processes in the society in almost every aspects of living. However, one social dilemma has been encountered in the course of integrating deliberation technology in the common practices in the society. The digital give is mainly the problem arising from the incorporat ion of computing technology to the society due to the unequal dispersion of technologys access in the public. Because of this problem, some parts of the society are beingness left hand out causing social stratification, technological illiteracy, and unequally distribution of information. If the present society really desires to purify the lifestyles of the public as a whole, the problem of digital divide must be properly communicate thus ending the said division in the society. Since the problem of digital division brought about by unequal access to computing technology post threats to the progress and development of the society as a whole, government and other technological corporation have already started programs and projects to address this dilemma. From their studies and researches, they have determined that to make technology virtually accessible for the public in every level, they must create two major social movements.First, is that they must create community-oriented programs which volition promote opportunities for easier access for the public. In addition, this design dissolving agent will make technology access truly inclusive by eliminating social and cultural diversity such as lack of education and media illiteracy. Second is that, community technology models must also be created to be use by local public groups to strengthen neighborhoods, educate youth, promote economic development, connect individuals to the social and economic life of the community, and increase participation in civil society (Ba, 2001). However, continuance of the application of these concepts is being hindered by great social and cultural obstacles. Some of these hindrances are the inadequate technology infrastructure in the society, which includes geographical problems regarding the coverage of the technology scope and the limited acquisition ability of the local public for the technology and hardware because of its cost. Another is the cultural barriers regarding the worldwide scope of computing technology thus limiting the access of some of the culture groups to the general technology network. Nevertheless, technology is flexible and adaptable thus it can be adjusted to better suit the needs of even the smallest social groups for technology to be made habituate to their specific needs. Thus, computing technology has many advantages and benefits many for the betterment and advancement of the lifestyles and practical processes in the society making it very much valuable for the public. For the public to benefit for this technology, it must be made generally accessible for every people who wish to incorporate the computing technology in his or her lives. The end the dilemma of digital division, technology must be made to be suitable adaptable for the society for it to be able to bridge the gap across the humanity. The Computer and Internet systems that affect the Commercial DevelopmentsSpamming in the electronic world is defined to be the ab usive and detrimental use of the electronic messaging system. This vixenish act has been considered at the present to be a form of violation and an illegal act because of its indecent effects to the electronic media mainly in the massive network in the internet. At the present, many nations have already passing bills and legislation to illegalize this electronic action and large software companies have been developing anti-junk e-mail programs to combat and prevent the surge of this unwanted action.However, the number of spammers around the globe is still increasing and the influences of their actions are still being felt in the internet world thus slow down down the capacity of the electronic processes within the internet society. The problem of spam in the present has been greatly manifesting in the line of business of unwanted e-mails containing marketing and publication propagandas of profit-oriented business entity. Flagrant abuse of electronic media is still widely heave thus, society must implement an iron-hand salute in dealing with spammers to halt down their business.Spamming has been an inexpedient act in the electronic world flagrantly using and hacking any available information in the web. This act is originally been created as a form of propagating business thus making it as a form of marketing for commercial entities. In the said aspect, the general theme of spam media is to communicate commercial advertisements and propagandas to pluck consumers however, this ideal nature is being crafted away in the present. Presently, spam now is becoming an obnoxious way of selling and pushing commercialism way to consumers in the electronic world. In ethical aspect, unsolicited or unwanted emails need not to be pushed through anymore however, abusive people still continues to powerfully implement this approach thus harming already the electronic world of media in the internet.Large Internet profit Providers are already expressing resentment against this form of marketing because it is already abusive in its form and it is slowing down the information trafficking system in the web. Unwanted mails and solicitations should not be implemented anymore but it is still repetitively done by internet spammers thus wasting hearty internet resources on the process. Another unethical aspect of internet spamming is that the people who practice this approach results to illegal hacking for them to acquire the in-person information of their victims. Because of this, spammers worldwide have indeed questioned the security integrity and reliability in the internet. Another is that electronic spamming have also becomes a tool for the promotion illegal business transactions such as fraud businesses and money scams. With the use of the spamming network, practitioner of illegal acts have acquired significant electronic capabilities to enticed more victims in the present. Because of these reasons, spamming has become an illegal and wrongful act af fecting the world of electronic media in harmful expression thus, a strong response must be implemented to satisfactorily address this problem.Recently, Microsoft has apprehended the Scott Richter, the self-proclaimed spam king in the web for his illegal act of hacking peoples personal information and send out unwanted and unsolicited emails of all nature to them continuously. Because of this, it has been determined that the actions of Richter have wasted internet companies significant electronic resources and consumers money on fraudulent and fake businesses. Thus, to ensure a satisfactory solution for this problem, the electronic corporations have aimed removing the ability and resources of their apprehended spammers to halt their illegal activities. Indeed, the present electronic society has been implementing an iron-hand approach in dealing with internet spammers whose activities have affected the internet world in a cast out aspect.Aside from spamming, there are also other sy stems of internet fraud that actually serve as a dilemma in the Internet servicing industries. The said systems of fraudulent scams include(a)Pharming and PhishingThese terms are based from the agricultural terms farming and Fishing. However the process of the said internet computing actually involves an engineered system in redirecting the surfers into fraudulent sites that actually serve as swindling sites that make users pay or either their computer systems be infected by several computer viruses.(b)VishingIt is the technological process that makes it possible for hackers to attain personal informations of several internet surfers. This then results to identification stealing. These major processes of internet fraudulent systems actually affect the views of the people with regards the developing systems of the communication technology hence resulting to others fear of the said internet progress in the human society. Many among the modern population are then hesitant to try the s aid modernized approach of technological communications.Conclusion True, internet has revolutionized the different systems within the human society. The impact of the said worldwide connection has actually made it possible for humans to reconnect with each other through a simple click of a button. Certainly, many would agree that people and their lives have been march on towards massive progress through the said technological and communication innovations. On the other hand, the disadvantages of the said systems actually count as important as the advantages. Most of the time, the fraudulent systems that are presented to the society actually affects an pleasing number of the human population in becoming fearful with the said innovative designs prompted by the internet. It should then be noted that these fraudulent systems simply brings about problems only when people have lesser acts towards the precautions that they know they have to take into consideration whenever they are using the internet.ReferencesDeitel, Harvey M. Deitel, Paul Choffnes, David (2004). Operating Systems. Upper gable roof River, NJ Pearson/Prentice Hall. ISBN 0-13-182827-4.Silberschatz, Abraham Galvin, Peter Baer Gagne, Greg (2004). Operating System Concepts. Hoboken, NJ John Wiley Sons. ISBN 0-471-69466-5.Tanenbaum, Andrew S. Woodhull, Albert S. (2006). Operating Systems. Design and Implementation. Upper Saddle River, N.J. Pearson/Prentice Hall. ISBN 0-13-142938-8.Piazza, Peter. Filtering out problems e-mail spam and scams often infuriate corporate computer users. 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The Media Equation How People Treat Computers, Television, and New Media Like Real People and Places. Cambridge University Press. New York, NY, USA. 1996.Warschauer, Mark. engineering science and Social Inclusion Rethinking the Digital Divide. The MIT Press. 2004.

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