Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Advanced Sport Management 2 (soccer) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Advanced gaming Management 2 (soccer) - Essay Exampleabout the specificity of sport (Weatherill, 2003 2004), despite their repeated claims that EU institutions are failing to fully recognise the specific nature of sport.Specificity of sport was conceptualised when the UEFAs decision maker Committee has approved a document in 2006 presented by the European team sport organisations to the French Presidency of the European Union. Here, the European Commission was asked to finally implement the most effectual means of recognising the specificity of sport within a catch lawful basis. It further states that it should be in accordance with the principles set out in the document, and in apposition with team sport federations. During the meeting set in Vienna, the document was given a go luff by the committee. It holds that the European Council should confirm its steadfast obligation to implementing a concrete definition of the specificity of sport. The European Council, the Executive C ommittee agreed, declared its unanimous support for the principle of dual-career training for young sportspersons and the concept of minimum add up of home-grown (locally trained) players, or similar policies, in professional teams squads (Arnaut, 2006).Because of sports specific nature, it should not be regarded less, thus, it should be set apart from the other fields of business activity. This is why the Nice Declaration was signed recognising the essential role of sport in the social, educational and cultural functions. In the declaration, such features must be interpreted into account when European Community law is applied. Furthermore, it recognises that solidarity between amateur or professional levels is a profound aspect of sport.With all of its significance, the independent nature of sports bodies should be supported and protected so that there would be autonomy to organise the sports for which they are responsible. The Declaration further confirms that it is the federat ion that should continue to be the key figure of speech of sporting

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