Friday, April 26, 2019

Accident victim interview Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Accident victim interview - Essay ExampleEarlier originally the accident in 2005, Mine Safety and Health ecesis (MSHA) had visited the site and reported that the working environment did non meet the correct standards. Some of the violations included problems with hightail it ways, not keeping proper jacket crown standards, and poor mine ventilation. Apparently, the mine has a history of roof falls. On this fateful day, the mine fire boss had inspected the mine and cleared it for use minutes before the first miners entered. Although the miners did not notice a thunderstorm just before they entered, US National illume Detection reports there was one. The lighting strike near the mine caused an ignition of methane from a recently certain(a) area of the mine. The result of this was a big explosion that blew out the seals and transferred smoke, dust, debris, and lethal carbon monoxide to the working percentage of the mine. Thirteen persons were trapped in the mine resulting to th e death of twelve of them who succumbed to carbon monoxide asphyxiation.The victim inhaled carbon monoxide for a long duration, which resulted to unconsciousness. In addition, the poor ventilation in the mines resulted to destruction of some vital organs in the body. The victim stayed in the life support machine for one month and a half because his respiratory system had been destroyed. At the time he regained consciousness after two weeks, the victim could not hear, had a blurred vision, and severe headache. One year down the line, the victim could not do much for himself although he could now see clearly and hear a bit. He went back to work after quad years in a different mine.MSHA officials arrived on the scene at 10.30 am but could not do much since the levels of carbon dioxide in the air prevented them from going deep in the mines. In addition, some(prenominal) lighting the power system could have caused another explosion. Later, MSHA found out some violations on the mine tha t increased the risk of the

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