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Business Intelligence Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 1

melodic line word of honor - Essay ExampleHoward Dresner, a Research Fellow at Gartner Group in 1989, launch the term melodic line Intelligence, to describe a set of concepts and methods to improve origin decision-making by exploitation fact-based support systems.In Business Intelligence The Savvy Managers Guide David Loshin describes the basic architectural components of a line intelligence environment, ranging from traditional topics much(prenominal) as business process modeling, data modeling, and more modern topics such as business rule systems, data profiling, information compliance and data quality, data warehousing, and data mining.David Loshin has depict Business Intelligence on the basis of data Models, Data Standards. He has also extensively comprehended the use of XML as a framework that is gaining in popularity for developing data standards. While XML is not utilize to prescribe a standard it is used to define standards for the exchange of information through conforming documents. Data values in an XML document are surrounded by tags (labels), that identify where the data content begins and ends.To supplement business intelligence, business users need to understand the value of business intelligence and how it can help them. adept of the more popular tables promoting BI to increase adoption. It was simple, soft selling - business intelligence is value added and not obviously essential to m whatever users. It requires a more proactive, promotional approach. Business intelligence also demands promotion because it is still relatively new as a technical innovation so few business users know all the myriad ways BI can be leveraged. To effectively promote business intelligence, you first need to apply some marketing concepts to your BI deployment. Fail to do this first and at best you will have zero impact and at worst come across as a glorified technocrat trying to justify your existence.Promoting Your Business Intelligence Initiative, Ci ndi Howson, 8th October 2008.http// any marketing guru would confirm, the success of any business depends on marketing. Marketing as a concept has to confirm in mind various factors and has to be managed in a planned and strategic manner. In Promoting Your Business Intelligence Initiative, , 8th October 2008, accessed on 3rd Nov,2008,http// Cindi Howson, states the following Marketing is about focal point on what customers need so providers can build better products theyll actually use. Its the strategy that goes into the BI coating before you begin touting it as your companys killer app.In common terms, business intelligence can be described as the sum total of factors, which help take major decisions in any business. These factors complicate customers, competitors, business partners, economic environment and internal operations.Customers are the key to any business success. The entrepreneur must bring forth it a point to keep the customers preferences in mind while designing a product. Again, geographical and heathen factors need to be given due importance while designing a product for a certain market. Business intelligence can be used to align businesses and products according to customers preferences. Business Intelligence is used to collect data from customers within the marketplace. Customer surveys and polls are tools to gauge

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