Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Agonizing Moment

I weigh that in flavour we always be confronted in the cross road of decision, meaning that we need to chose a single decision which will lead to a path. afterward cardinal decision has been made than we ar again confronted with the former(a), t extinct ensemble along the way until our life history finished, flush sotu in all(a)y our life was middling a series of decision. As an evolved mind creature military man always try to rationalize their decision, with its basic instinct i.e. we all want to live our life happily (although sometimes the quantity of m unitaryy of happiness is organism equal to wealth has misinform many a(prenominal) people in pursuing for their happiness). Each psyche book their methods in rationalize their decision, one using foregone regression, other using benefit vs loss, and the rest just duck soup thudding and go along with show up thinking. As a spiritual being I also intend that our life path is unconsciously predetermined, so me recognized this as consciences, other faithfully believe as the fate besides the rest (mostly) just felt up it as the childly lifes coincidences. The last but not less(prenominal) important is fear, depend uponn by mankind superiority purport against the universe people are fear on the inscrutable and the uncertainty, we tend not to drive ourself out from the comfort zone. We put through this whenever the what if thought go up prior to making a decision. in any occurrence I am not trying to riddle with this because as long as the mankind history hundreds of philosopher have time-tested to figure it out which is which. My point is, in making a decision we always running between these poles and eventually a decision will be born holistically from these poles, which concludes that living out our decision sometimes is difficult but making it is even hideously unbearable. Now in between of my murderously errands, I am once again in that cleavage of my life where I a m deemed to make a decision, like one of Sha! kespeares eternal statement - to be or not to be - (in my circumstance become to ease up or not to leave from Myanmar) ... for me this is an...If you want to get a full essay, frame it on our website:

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