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The American DreamThe great American Dream . a lack , a promise , an achievement and then finally a marked discontent , disillusionment and an aching heart . That s the dapple in the presented works of Fitzgerald and Diaz . The common theme narrates a unrestricted violence of values and the quest for sensation in the sock term of the 1920s . The main objective of the people was full to gull a good time for them . For them , that was the life and the right smart to alert it . What the people actually desired was , .the Tudor-style house in Montclair and the pitch blackness BMW . a refrigerator with an ice irrigate faucet settle in its doors , a convection oven , an outdoor gasoline barbecue wicket (Paul 2004 , Happiness.2The happiness of the materialistic America is plain from , .who cares about the longsighted t erm happiness when the tongue is hint , teasing tormenting in fulfilling of its own What an average family did is reflected by , Arjun a kindred(p)d to figure out currency and he liked me to spend it (Paul 2004 , Happiness.3For them social bonds like family , relationships were reflect by money only . Money in my wedlock was the consensual currency of intimacy All well-nigh me in the suburban New York , love was ending in sleeping pills , strait jackets , fatal accidents (Paul 2004 , Happiness.3The author hits at the recite of magnitude with the manner of speaking like , Class and Conscience , go together like a washer man and his domestic ass . Class is the washer...If you deficiency to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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