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Chapter 4 The Mughal Empire ? The Mughals ? The Mughals were the descendants of two great task be ons of rulers, Genghis Khan and Timur. ? They created a enormous empire, expanding their kingdom from Agra and Delhi in the latter half of the sixteenth century. By the seventeenth century, they had moderate over nearly the entire subcontinent. ? Their biggest winner was creating mechanisms of administration and presidential term which were adopted by subsequent rulers. ? Mughal array campaigns ? Babur was the first Mughal emperor. He established his rule over Delhi by defeating Ibrahim Lodi at the low gear Battle of Panipat in 1526. ? He by and by defeated Rajput rulers at Khanua in 1527 and Chanderi in 1528. He managed to have Agra earlier his death in 1530. ? Babur was succeeded by his son Humayun, whose plant was weakened because of disputation from his brother. Humayun was defeated by Sher Khan at Chausa in 1539 and Kanauj in 1540, forcing him to turn ta il to Iran. ? He cured his rule of Delhi in 1555 with the help of the Safavid Shah of Iran. However, he died the next year. ? Humayuns son Akbar became the emperor at the age of 13. He tell military campaigns against the Suris, the Afghans and the kingdoms of Malwa and Gondwana. ? He suppressed the revolt of his stepbrother and the Uzbegs. He seized the Sisodiya capital of Chittor in 1568 and Ranthambhor in 1569. ? Military expeditions were undertaken in Gujarat, Bihar, Bengal, Orissa and the North-west. Qandahar, Kashmir and capital of Afghanistan were annexed. In the Deccan, Berar, Khandesh and parts of Ahmadnagar withal came under Akbars rule. ? to a lower place Jahangir, the ruler of Mewar accepted the Mughal authority. The campaigns against Sikhs, Ahoms and Ahmadnagar were less successful. ? Shah Jahan continued campaigns in the Deccan. The Afghans and the Bundelas were defeated. Ahmadnagar was alike annexed. Qandahar was lost to the Safavids, while setbac ks were also faced against Uzbegs. ? Aurang! zeb became the...If you want to recover a full essay, order it on our website:

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