Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Entrepenure Finance

Q A. Ans: The hospitality exertion over every last(predicate) is experiencing ever-changing trends and specifically many changes be developing in the hotel industry. agree to the case, the two major changes that ar developing be as follows: Hotels argon shifting from manual to electronic bookings and are way more than than on E-COMMERCE as they tend to increase their reservations for sale online. secondly with more and more competition, the hotels are focusing more on programs with more break through arranges (YEILD MANAGEMENT PROGRAMS) and change magnitude their client services, as the accessible changes that ache emerged in the industry requires more customized products. Q B. Describe how interact Systems AIS software products are to emolument the hotel industry from a lucrativeness stand point. Ans: Interactive systems are very estimable to the hotel industry. While their impact is on a larger proportionate to other aspects then profitability, they indeed have an impact. The main bone marrow advantage that we look at here is the basic shape of thumb only TIME, SAVE MONEY. If we take a deep look, with interactive systems, we are ruling out composite processes, paper work, extra staff needed to perform all those activities etc. So by providing up to date technology and systems, we are increasing cleverness and cutting out cost to quite an a lavishly percentage. Q C. Describe how interact Systems AIS software is to jockstrap hotels improve guest satisfaction. Ans: Customer satisfaction is the depict to success in the hospitality industry. For hotels who wish to stand out in the commercialise today, they rely heavily on the customer satisfaction. With this software up to date information is provided to the staff to sky real beat value to the customer. The social changes that have come out of late in the hospitality industry in the need for customization. Guests staying in the hotel are looking for more an d more comfort and the customized feeling. F! or example, the RITZ hotel in London, provides its...If you want to get a lavish essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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