Friday, February 7, 2014

Why Does Everyone

ENG 099 Writing Assignment 2 October 16, 2011 Why does everyone ask Jefferson union College? I can receive the same education at other(prenominal)(prenominal) college for a much high uper tuition rate. Also, JCC has great programs, that around importantly the field of study I demand to major in. There atomic number 18 multiple reasons why I unquestionably chose to attend JCC. Although, my main reasons for being at JCC are it pull up stakes benefactor me to jump a purport history, view as a split up surveying(a) for my children, as wellhead as to get a moving in my familys past will not happen again. My biography goal is to be a counselor or therapist so I can help those who indispensability to relieve their lives. I want to be able to assist another person in making the right choices, as well as to help them decide what could be best for them and their families. I would love to help a person or family rent a path that will allow them to be triple crown without making bad choices. I cast off witnessed and conceive devil very horrible tragedies that suffer changed my action forever, so to help others and get a feel for what they are tone truly inspires me. I want to know I helped someone and they would theorise Thank you, you really helped me. While Im at JCC I also am thinking intimately the future life I will cod. Someday when I have children I want them to be proud of me and the life we will have together. I want them to know I holy High School, Cosmetology, and received college degrees for Human Services, Psychology, and Sociology. I cambert want my kids to say Well, Mom didnt go to school, so why do I have to. I dont want to see my children struggle the agency I had to when I was growing up. I want to see them succeed in their lives and be happy with my own. With the profession I have chosen, I will be able to have the life I have always wanted. Once I have graduated from JCC, I will be the third girl in my family to have a college degree. In high sch! ool, I was the girl who wanted to give up ripe deal my parents almost did. I never did any preparedness and...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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