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Asthma - Bibliography

Running Head : ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHYAnnotated Bibliography : AsthmaNameInstitutionProfessorSubject CodeBanasiak , N Bolster , A (2008 . pediatric Asthma . AHC Media LLC Retrieved last July25 , 2009 , from http /www .rnweb .comThe article is anterior further in-depth resource material for pediatric asthma attackAsthma is the most distributed chronic disease affecting approximately nine zillion children in the United States alone . In 2002 , the dreaded malady caused the deaths of more than 4 ,261 persons , including 170 children . Irritants such as sustainment organism dander , cigarette , dust mites or wood booby commonly trigger the asthma . It will raise the airways of the persevering and will eventually lead to decrease of oxygenated broth delivered to the form . There are various methods of medicating the illness ground on the exacerbation the enduring experience . Mild cases throw out be cured with puffs of albuterol , while mild or difficult should be treated with a combination of bronchodilator and on ad-lib steroid . Continuous medication should be partnered with efforts of educating the parents on comme il faut approach and medication about asthma . outline an asthma action plan , with the help of the doctor , parent and patient will help lessen the attack of the diseaseFigueiredo , C . A , Alcantara-Neves , N . M , Veiga , R , Amorim L . D Cattoli , V , MendoncaL . R , et al (2009 . Spontaneous Cytokine Production in Children jibe to Biological Characteristics and Environmental Exposures Environmental Health Perspectives , 117 , 845-849The aspiration of this film was to investigate the effect of environmental exposures on resistant homeostasis of the children , by assessing...If you want to get a full essay, revision it on our website:

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