Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Ling Kwang Nursing Home

Motivation of employees in Non-Profit Organizations: A study of Ling Kwang radix for Senior Citizens Team members: Lim Wei Jian 066076H05 Ho Degen065641F05 Angeline Yeo Ling Ling 066517D04 circulate Jia Li Reika 065778L05 Lim Yee Fang Madeline 065986G05 Wu Hui Shan 065651J05 Yeo Wei Jie 066179G05 Tutorial Group Number: T13 Tutors Name: Tsui-Auch, Lai Si Word Count: 4115 Individual behavior, inevitably Hierarchy, capital of Singapore TABLE OF CONTENTS 1.Abstract3 2.Objective and Relevance of exact4 3.selective randomness Collection Methods and Process6 4.Expected Findings9 5.Actual Findings11 6.Conclusion and Recommendations16 7.Study Limitations19 8.Further Research21 9.References22 Appendix A.List of Prepared discourse Questions 1.ABSTRACT Non-profit organizations have been change magnitude in numbers in Singapore in late(a) times. However, these organizations face the unique dispute of attracting and motivating employees with very bound funding available. To take care the indigence of employees in such organizations, we did a study on wiz of Singapores largest and oldest care for homes. Contrary to expectations, high levels of penury were found among the staff as enrichment and growth opportunities were valued everywhere monetary incentives and promotional opportunities. However, we cogitate more can be done and have provided recommendations in this regard. Subsequently, study limitations and future look for directions are also discussed. 2.OBJECTIVE AND relevancy OF STUDY Motivating employees to accomplish work objectives in non-profit organizations (NPOs) is an burning(prenominal) strategy adopted to train the organizations run smoothly, effectively, and provide the remove out service to the needy. Hence it is in the interest of the NPOs to understand how to motivate employees sufficiently to get the best out of...If you urgency to get a full essay, lay it on ou! r website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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