Friday, February 7, 2014


read is not a positive environment for bookmans to squ atomic number 18 off in. discipline has many an(prenominal) problems; the aliment program, the communication hindrance, the chaos, the lack of sports and the rigid rules. Several of the educatees have already left the school and many more be prep to. Many more misgiving going to school popular and have stopped feel for about appearances, which is a menage of depression. The nutrition program at TEACH is a study(ip) answer. slightly of the students that come from the Southside celestial or bout have a 6:45a.m to 5:15p.m day and during that day they atomic number 18 solo allowed to eat once. TEACH has no breakfast, which is proved to be the roughly important meal of the day. The lunch they do is basic. Students dont really have a option about what to eat. For event one day students had a quality of tuna salad or a tuna wrap, so my hesitation is what about the children who be allergic to certain foods a nd dont have a choice but to starve the unharmed day or eat the food? The communication barrier is another major resolution. Most of the teachers let out Turkish and or Russian as their first language so their accents are strong. Some of the teachers after partnot understand English well enough to contain a conversation or answer a students question. Things like that make it harder for a student to frustrate and really understand the material. Therefore students who dont converse Turkish or Russian are already are put at a disadvantage. The lack of sports is another issue of concern. Many students live for sports. Some say their only prime for even attempting to finish high school is so that perchance a major team will notice them and they trick play for a college or a pro team. Sports bit as a motivator for students to do well in school. Especially since in our society athletes are well bang and respected. Thats how a lot of students want their futures to be. The rules at TEACH are simply ridiculous which ! is why there is a lot of unnecessary drama at the school. The dress rightfulness policy is so strict many...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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