Wednesday, February 5, 2014


T labornt University Christopher Thompson Module 1 SLP Assignment ITM 525: Application & vigilance of Emerging Networked Tech. Dr. Samuel Conn February 29, 2011 Abstract lot ar relying on amicable lucreing sites like Facebook and separates to stick pertained with family and fri breaks. The utilization of these companionable networking sites rat surrender both interdict and positive effect on throng; however, with the increase of call with social networking sites might behind reveal that wad from wholly over look for these sites because they have had good experience maculation using them. companionable networking sites are providing a way for heap to share music, photos, videos and more with great deal from all over the world. The likely are endless of what a drug user can do through the use of these social networking sites. As facebook rapidly increases with saucily users, school and study businesses are going along for the ride wit h facebook. The Characteristics of Social Networks everyplace the past few years, one of the biggest things to find about was the knowledge of social networks. Generally speaking, a social network is fundamentally a website which will allow users to connect with family and friends, share music, videos, photos and other personal information with either a broad spectrum of people/friends, depending on the actual setting the user select (Cheung et al, 2011). Social networks like Myspace, Linkedin, and Facebook are perfect ways to communicate with family and friends some the world as well as meeting invigorated people who share similar professions and/or interests. By the end of the paper the follow question would be answered: 1. Its characteristics, main users, and end it serves 2. Technologies that behind it 3. What attracts you to use it? What benefits do you stay put? either issues with it? Linkedin Linkedin is view as a profes sional social network that was designed for ! working professionals or business people to stay connected with business...If you want to get a all-inclusive essay, ordinate it on our website:

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