Friday, February 7, 2014

Only One

Only One? mainland China debates whether to relax its occurrent family-planning insurance indemnity By WANG HAIRONG or China, the most populous hoidenish in the military personnel, the policies that order family planning are non taken lightly. The country has a threedecade-old population-control measure that limits many Chinese families to one child. Recently, though, scholars and form _or_ system of government makers sop up been debating whether the so-called one-child form _or_ system of government should be relaxed. Whether a touch volition give birth to one or two children is their person-to-person choice. Individuals, couples and families should sop up got the freedom in making the choice, said Mu Guangzong, a professor at capital of Red China Universitys Institute of community Research. Others, however, see the policy as an effective counter to the pressures of a mounting Chinese population, which at one time numbers more than 1.3 billion. The current family- planning policy should be tightened, and a stricter one-child policy should be implemented, Cheng Enfu, an economist and President of the Marxism Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), told China Economic Weekly in a process interview. going away the academic world and entering the governmental one, the subject area masss telling (NPC), Chinas top legislature, and the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative F Conference (CPPCC), the top semipolitical advisory body, over the past two years draw discussed the countrys population policy. In 2007, CASS researcher Ye Tingfang and 28 other CPPCC members advanced a proposal to nullify the one-child policy as soon as possible. Then, at the NPC session upsurge the bucket March, economist and Renmin University of China President Ji Baocheng besides suggested ever-changing the current family-planning policy to allow each couple to have two children. But the former Minister of the National state and Fami ly Planning Commission of China (NPFPC), Zha! ng Weiqing, said during lowest Marchs CPPCC meeting that the current birth-control policy would not be relaxed. Zhang said China will...If you want to get a full(a) essay, order it on our website:

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