Sunday, March 24, 2019

Boxer vs. American Staffordshire Terrier Essay -- Animal Research

What makes these two dogs so similar is that they are two of the hap most popular melodic phrases here in the United States. It has been said that dogs is mans outdo friend, and because of this, it makes them great companions. These two breeds, the Boxer and the American Staffordshire terrier fit very slowly into family life. When an owner tells his dog that he is a good boy, the dog happily wags its tail. Then, there are those times when an owner has to discipline his dog, the dog, then move away with that sad puppy dog look on its face. agree to Jill Viers, a dog will love you unconditionally it will be there until the end. Doesnt it deserve the same when it is truly mans best friend (Viers) two of these breeds the Boxer, and the American Staffordshire terrier have similar, but different in their ancestry, appearance, grooming and kept up(p) it is what makes both of these two breeds so desirable. For starts, the Boxer and American Staffordshire terrier were both star ting signal used to dogfights and bull-baiting until it was banned in the early 1900s. The Boxer was first breed in the early 19th century, they used them for dog fighting, bull-baiting and to run quite a little and hold large game for their master. They received their name because of their ability to plunk for on their hind legs and bat at its opponent, appearing to box with its front line paws, hence the name Boxer. Then, later in Germany, the Boxer became the breed for their rationality and muscular strength. Boxer is from a Mastiff and a bulldog breed together. later on in Germany, they were used guard and police dogs as they were very alert. later World War 1, the Boxer came to America, where their popularity in the states. Whereas, American Staffordshire terrier has a backgro... ... swell upspring as a good family pet. The Boxer also has another utility over the American Staffordshire, and that it is excellent with all children. Finally, the Boxer also does w ell with other pets in the household. Not like the American Staffordshire terrier, where it needs brocaded with the family from puppy hood. Works CitedAmerican dog house club-American staffordshire terrier., n.d. Web. 21 June 2011. .American kennel, 2005 March 30. Web.21 June 2011..Bulldog-Boxer. In bulldog, 29 June 2010. Web. 21 June 2011. . Dog breeds american staffordshire terriers. In five star, n.d. Web. 21 June 2011. .

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