Saturday, March 2, 2019

Human Service Programs: Commonalities & Success Paper Essay

The following paper entirelyow discuss the merciful religious service of process organizations uniqueness in comparison to a nonher(prenominal) various business organizations around the world. The common denominator and central focus for altogether mankind service programs will be discussed. The trends in adult male services, and the qualities associated with man service agencies that contribute to their successfulness. (Lewis, 2006) tender-hearted service agencies be designed to specifically provide services to those in the communities. They usually provide services that are a to meet certain needs such as nerve centre abuse, mental health concerns, and developmental disabilities. Particular agencies may focus on employment, rehabilitation centers that helps individuals gain skills pertinent to their job, and in like manner to populations that are subject to outrage or marginalization. Most human service organization are non get but there are also for-profit and no t-for-profit. All in all human service agencies have the needs of their clients as their first priority. Human service programs are often realised by political, social, technological, and economic trends. collectable to political trend the human service programs may be effected such as things like Obama Care. Politics can play a crucial role as they give most of the funding to programs that human service agencies operate. Economic trends are up and down and this is to be expected. Of vogue technological trends will continue to change as businesses can accord more fluidly with up-to-date technology. (Korkmaz, 2012) In order for a human service agency to be successful the company should have a human resource that is focused on the needs of meeting goals of the organization. The organization should also be treating their employees fairly and justly. The code of ethics should be followed, as any management has an extensive guideline.The agency should apply serious efforts to have a diverse workforce, training to enhance staffsknowledge, efficient methods of hiring, appraising, and commending workers, and designing jobs so that the workers are able to use all of their knowledge and skills to the companies profit.(Lewis, 2006) In conclusion, unlike other agencies in the workforce the main agenda of a human service program is to lift our clients up and help those in our communities. Though not all agencies are the same some are small, larger, more funding, little all have one goal in mind and that is to make a difference in the lives of our children, neighbors, seniors, adolescents, and adults. Many trends will effect the human service programs as with anything else in this world but it does not plosive speech sound the goals. Each agency has serious guidelines and code of ethics implemented to stress for success in their agencies.ReferencesJudith. A. Lewis (2006). Management of Human Service Programs (3rd ed.). Belmont, CAThomson tolerate/Cole.Korkmaz Yaylag ul, N., & Seedsman, T. (2012). Ageing The common denominator? Journal of Population Ageing, 5(4), 257-279. doihttp//

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