Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Societies Scapegoat :: essays research papers

Societies ScapegoatYouth crimes argon on a continual rise. It seems that mundane violentoffenders keep attemptting younger and much vulturous. We turn on the news only tohear that a ten year octogenarian mugged,shot,stabbed,beat or blew up one of his peers.With crimes on the rise involving children, people fetch to look for a wee-wee.Society, when looking for a scapegoat, becomes worse than a strain thirsty lynchmob at a witch trial. usu aloney the most obvious source of violence within a photographic plateis the telly. However, in most cases it is not the true cause. With the TVin the headway of virtually every home in the civilized world, its no querythat its the easiest target for criticism. Its elementary to blame the tubefor a childs deportment its a quick and easily identified source of violencewithin a youths confined world. The TV many times is identified as the cause ofaggressive acts to avoid dealing with other underlying issues. Society straight offhas an ent ire array of different afflictions that plague us from day to day.The television is of very little significance alongside the landfill of troublesthat influence children today. Besides, trying to get networks to cut outviolence and aggression entirely would be wish trying to get Jesus Christ towrite a drop dead ten list of reasons why Christianity sucks. (Its not going tohappen.)TV is not the reason that our youth courts are filled to capacity withcourt dockets so hideous you would swear that you were looking at the start ofthe apocalypse. Television programs are not the reason for the apparentincrease in adolescent crime. If you point out yourself picking up your kids fromthe police station all the time, its not the TVs error There are nosignificant consequences for youth crime in our justice system. Maybe we shouldimpose stiffer penalties on violent offenders, instead of more censorship on TV.Kids would not run through such a style to mug, beat, strangle or shoot their peers if there were tougher consequences for doing so.The Nipponese are answerable for some of the most violent cartoons evercreated to date. I mean these things coiffe our R rated movies look like a walk inthe park. Japanese cartoons display bloodshed and drug induced murdering spreesas if they were nothing. Even with all this vicious behavior on Japanesetelevisions, the youth crime and aggressive behavior is one tenth of ours. Howcan this be? Because the Japanese have adopted a zero tolerance policy forcriminal behavior and reprimand criminals with a vengeance.

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