Monday, March 25, 2019

Jungle Night :: essays research papers

Critical Analysis of jungle Night  &9The vocalizer of the poem is a civilian observer, likely a local. There is a spirit of emphasis and fear in the speakers tone. The speaker subroutines an observatory tone in the poem, a combination between 1st and 3rd person. The author shows us that the speaker is an observer when he says "They are not there/You hitch the offset of your Bren." (ll. 8&10) You can clearly see that the author creates tension when he says "Half-fearing, half-desiring the sudden hell/ Pressure will loose." (ll. 11-12) The poet has a modal value of building us up to a climax then permit us down, and again he gets us on the edge of our seat, merely to sit back down quickly.&9This poem is written in truth literally and does not have any deep hidden meanings. The author gives us a gumption of predator prey between the " cosmos with the green cigarette" and the " world with the dark blue cloak." We are granted a feeli ng that the cigarette man is hunting and stalking postponework forcet to kill the man with the cloak. The author also uses the image of a "Man with the tiny anvil" who we see as really un-important however we locomote to realize that he actual adds a great deal of irresolution with the way he taps the metal. In the first stanza he "Strikes it thinly like a bell-Tink-tink tink-tink." (ll. 3-4) and in the second to last stanza "Strikes-twice Strikes-twice" (l. 21) which gives a comprehend that something more is yet to come.&9In the first stanza when the two men are first introduced, the author uses actually soft words, which gives us a sense of peace and serenity. However in the second to last stanza he uses onomatopoeia again saying "Drip-drip drip-drip"(l. 19) and "Strikes-twice strikes-twice"(l. 21) which shows us that there is a greater sense of urgency arising and perhaps something is going to happen between these men. Through the use of the language the author is able to give us a sense of what the lone soldier with the Bren is feeling when he sees the two men qualifying by. The speaker gives us a very human feel when he says, "They are not there/then one of the whistles softly/you finger the trigger of your Bren (ll. 8-10), which allows us to connect with this soldier on a very real and human level.

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