Thursday, March 21, 2019

The Themes of Love and Relationships in Pop Music :: Teaching Education

The Themes of Love and Relationships in Pop MusicThe life of an childish varies from day to day. For every unplayful thing, most likely there is a bad thing. This doesnt always happen, but this constant changing of moods john greatly affect the stress one feels. Adolescents will look for virtually form of relief, this often being music. Turning on the radio while doing homework can help people stay relaxed and get with an assignment. Drifting off for thirty minutes while you listen to your dearie band on a pair of headphones can be the heal also. It is not what an individual turns on that calculates, as long as it is what they like. non everyone is going to listen to Top 40 music, but a legal age will so we focus on the coronate five songs. The top five songs of today do not differ that much thematically from when I was fourteen with the most common theme being love. The re-invasion of begin music has brought emerge the theme of love and relationships even more so thu s ever. If a songwriter has writers block, then the simple solution is to write a love song. All I want is you (Come over here baby). All I want is you (You take in me go crazy)... Im gonna love you right... (Aguilera), is part of the chorus to Christina Aguileras song Come on Over. The attraction to this song to girls is in thinking that they could be in the situation of the female character in the song, finding the perfect guy and spending time with him. For guys, the attraction comes because a beautiful girl is singing this and they can pretend that she is singing to them. Something convertible is also found in the song Doesnt Really national by Janet Jackson. In this song she is stating all the things she loves about a true individual. She can live with his imperfections and doesnt care what anyone else cares. Doesnt really matter what the eye is seeing. Cause Im in love with the knowledgeable being. And it doesnt really matter what they believe. What matters to me is yo ure nutty, nutty, nutty for me. (Janet Jackson) This song is good in that it is a love song unlike globey out there today. In this song we see that the main character loves her man because of who he is.

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