Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Expansion Of Government Power :: essays research papers

Expansion of Government Power During the civic War and reconstruction different to what I believed in the past, the United States federal government retained and spread out their power and authority during the years of the well-bred war along with the item of Reconstruction. Through drafts and monitored elections, they exercised this power during the Civil War. Then, as Reconstruction began, they initiated other methods of increase their authority over the citizens. Military was placed in Southern states, by the federal government, in order to keep hear over the disaffected people. Not only that, but, the idea of putting the federal government in charge of Reconstruction and rebuilding an entire nation gave them an enormous mea realment of power. Finally, the creation of the 14th and 15th Amendment were two more big achievements on the part of the government. In the month of April of 1862, the government issued the first draft of the Civil War. Throughout the war, they put ou t drafts be yard so some(prenominal) men were demand to fight. Citizens were expected to obey these orders, and as the war progressed, it was harder and harder for men to avoid conflict for their outlandish. Towards the end, the government began forcing almost every able man to enlist in the army. Men of ages 17-50 were drafted in the South (20-45 in the North) bodies were needed. And the government made sure that they got what they needed. Along with drafts, the federal government in like manner monitored elections in order to control who the people were voting for. Ballots only contained candidates which were appropriate according to the government, and various dusky slips were associated with the different nominees. Everyone could see what color slip everyone else was holding, and people holding slips that they werent supposed to were later caught and punished. The power of the federal government can also be seen during Lincolns presidency at the time of the Civil War. He s wayed the entire purpose of the war to something far off from what had been the initial purpose. From fighting for the preservation of the Union, Northerners readily began to accept that the abolition of slavery was the cause of the war for them, not the Union. Lincoln and his power made this happen.As Reconstruction began, our government was given the full responsibility of rebuilding and revising many areas of our nation. That is some incredibly power having the authority to change an entire country to what they thought was correct.

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