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Apus Ch 10

Foundations of scotch Development
nbefore an industrial revolution occurred there destiny to be:
n population large enough to kick upstairs its own food and provide a work force
ntransportation and communication dodging capable of sustaining it
n improve technology to permit large scale manufacturing
nsystem of business organization
The American Population, 1820 - 1840
nthree trends:
nincrease rapidly
nmoving westward
nmoving to towns and cities
nstatistics: 1790 4
1820 10
1830 13
1840 17
Why Population process?
npublic health efforts had reduced the number and violence of epidemics
nresult of high birth enumerates
1840 the birth rate for white women stood at 6.

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nimmigration was not the recognise factor at this point
n1830 population of nearly 13 million, the foreign-born numbered fewer than 500,000
nstarted to rise afterward 1830
n1832 60,000
n1837 80,000
nreduced transportation costs and increase economic opportunities made this possible
Cities of the Northeast
nimmigrants remained in northeastern cities
n1790 one somebody in thirty lived in a city (defined as over 8,000 people)
n1820 one person in twenty
n1840 one person in twelve
nlargest cities were in the Northeast
New York City
n1810 it was the largest city in the U.S.
ninitially because it had the best natural harbor on the eastern hemisphere coast
nafter 1825 the completion of the Erie Canal contributed
The Growth of Cities
n1840 to 1860
npopulation of New York City went from 312,000 to 805,000
nPhiladelphia went from 220,000 to 565,000
nBoston went from 93,000 to 177,000
nby 1860, 26% of the population of acquit states was living in towns (over 2,500)
Cities Along the Rivers
nSt. Louis, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and Louisville grew rapidly
nafter the completion of the Erie Canal, cities along the Great Lakes grew
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