Monday, March 25, 2013

To What Extent Do You Agree That Irene in a Lady of Letters Is a Tragic Character Whom Is Deserving of Pity from...

To what extent do you agree that Irene in a wench of Letters is a tragic character whom is deserving of mercy from the reader?

Alan Bennetts Irene, in a Lady of Letters, is actually perhaps star of his most complex characters in harm of looking at tragedy. Unlike most of Alan Bennetts another(prenominal) monologues, a Lady of Letters ends on a more uplifting note than it begins on, with the character actually finding original happiness. However, for the majority of the monologue, Irene is presented to us as a actually lonely, uninvolved and fairly desperate individual, whose only form of communication to the out of doors world, is to send letters of complaint to people in her friendship. The letters that Irene sends are a good deal full of misinterpreted information that often causes trouble, where it is none of her business. So I think as an hearing we feel pity for her, as we see how lonely and good of purpose she is, but also she is clearly a very bitter woman so perhaps we dont feel too sorry for her.

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Her only link to the community that she counts to mostly shun is the letters she writes; these letters are an outlet of her frustration and headache of a community she has been almost completely isolated from. Irene doesnt realise this isolation as she thinks she has been sent a individualized letter from an opticians, when in fact it is simply generated advertising. The reader shakes a sense from this of how blind she seems to be to her situation. The reader therefore may have pity on her for this, but also she seems instead dim, not to realise what is really going on.

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