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Symbolic Interactionism
Over the past century, Symbolic interactionism has always been in the convention of sociology. It was proposed by George Herbert Mead, an American psychologist, sociologist and philosopher. Herbert Blumer also studied this theory. In laymans term, it is defined as how people verbalize and understand through symbols. Symbolic interactionism stresses that individuals acquire world perceptual experience and pith by social interaction as strong as interaction with their environment. This involves family, friends, social groups, media, etc. Basically, it also studies how the humankind mind represents the capacity to respond subjectively to stimuli through conceptualization, defining, symbolizing, aspiring, valuing and reflecting. (Singelmann, 1972, as cited by Lecroy & Rank, 1983). It is through interpretation and interaction that message about the world and egotism is acquired.
Reality, Languange and Meaning
Individuals decision-making is always based on their subjective understanding of the situations they find themselves in and experiences they have encountered. They respond and act toward otherwises or things based on the meanings these things/people argon assigned with.

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People understand their experiences through the meanings they find in the symbols used by their primary groups thus language is an inherent part of cardinals social life and meaning is negotiated by this part.

Self is actually developed by others perception on oneself. Self-image refers to ones take in vision on her/himself. It could also be identified as ones mental representation or self-portrait. Self-image is evidential to individuals since ones perception on her/himself could affect ones attitude towards her/himself together with others and how she/he actually responds to life.
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