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1b) use sources A, B, C and your own knowledge
How far were the superior(p) maneuver of the communists responsible for securing victory in the accomplished contend?
* Largely responsible
split 1:
* Point
* The communists used Guerrilla tactical manoeuvre to excite the Nationalists during the civil state of war which were useful.
* Sources
* the basis of Guerrilla war is to spread out and arouse the masses (to loin the cope
* Own knowledge
* Although the communists had less equipment and soldiers, their guerrilla manoeuvre were vital to their achiever as they were able to use this over the Nationalists.
* Explanation
* This shows that the superior tactics of the communists were responsible for securing victory in the Civil War as these guerrilla tactics were their strong point in the Civil War and was something that the Nationalists were not expecting.
Paragraph 2:
* Point
* monoamine oxidase was aware of what he needed to do and how he had to nest the Civil War a strikest the Nationalists.
* Sources
* Fight when you know you can win. Dont fight battles you may lose.
* Own knowledge
* Mao and the communists had been preparing to overthrow the Nationalist politics by gaining support from the peasants beforehand in preparation of this Civil War. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!

Mao knew that gaining the support of the peasants, the majority, he would be able to gain power.
* Explanation
* This shows that Maos successful preparation and cookery was successful and important to securing victory in the Civil War
Paragraph 3:
* Point
* The communists used well developed and superior tactics and gained a lot of support.
* Sources
* guerrilla units have to concentrate on the maximum forces, act secretly and swiftly, attack the enemy by surprise and bring the battle to a quick determination ... support of the local population is a priority
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