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Subject: GPS Algebra

System of Equations Career WebQuest

understructure: get you ever wondered how does math relate to effortless life? come up here is your chance. In this WebQuest you will investigate systems of equations from a tangible world perspective. Task: How does a system of equations relate to everyday life? Process: Step 1: Read the obligate entitled What Careers Use Linear Equations? ( vocations-uselinear-equations_.html ) Step 2: query someone of your own choosing with a career from the article OR attend the virtual field trip OR select an other article concerning this job. After doing 1 of these options, write a summary of what you have learned regarding that career and how math is used. feign sure to explain how a specific system of equations could be used in the career chosen. Step 3: preserve a reflection on the lesson(s) you learned about how the career you chose relates to math. Step 4: Create a five hundred sound out essay double spaced in time new Roman 12 point font with the following components: ? Introduction ? Interview Summary ? Specific System of Equations Example ? coefficient of reflection on interrogate and how this study has expanded your view on how math is used in the real world. ? Works Cited (Document other websites/resources used in MLA format. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!

See this website for details http:// ) Resources: Evaluation: Write a 500 word essay double spaced in Times New Roman 12 point font regarding your interview and what you have learned on how the career you chose relates to math. Please fix the rubric below. Conclusion: Hopefully this project has opened your eye to see that math is in everything and that math is power! lead to use it.

System of Equations Career WebQuest Rubric
Your total points ÷ 24= _____ x 100= your grade for this project CATEGORY Paragraph twist 4
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